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National Research Competition

Short-Term Travel Grants to Central Asia, The Caucasus, & the Balkans


 National Research Competition Projects



Project Title

Dr. Rhiannon Dowling

Harvard University

"The Soviet War on Crime: Corruption and the Criminal in Soviet Society, 1959-1991"

Dr. Timothy Frye

Columbia University

"Transparency and Rule of Law: A Field Experiment in Ukraine"

Dr. Regine Spector

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

"Hydropower Development and Sustainability Debates in Georgia"


Short-Term Research Grant Competition






Project Title


Dr. Vincent Bohlinger

Rhode Island College

"Toward a Second Utopia: Soviet Film"

Dr. Michael Brody
American University
"Approaches to Improving Urban Air Quality in the Kyrgyz Republic"
Dr. Naomi Caffee
University of Arizona
"The South Caucasus Beyond Caricature"
Dr. Elena Campbell
University of Washington
"Northern Empire: Development, Environment, and Power in Late Imperial Russia"
Dr. Eva-Marie Dubuisson
Bogazici University
"Language and Sacred Geography in the Discourses of Environmental Protection in Kazakhstan"
Dr. Jipar Duishembieva
Independent Scholar
"The State of the Kyrgyz"
Dr. Benjamin Sutcliffe
Miami University
"Beyond Victims or Occupiers: Russophone Writers in Contemporary Georgia"





"Transparency and Rule of Law: A Field Experiment in Ukraine"

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