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Current Projects

To learn more about NCEEER's programs, please visit the "Programs" section.

National Research Competition

Short-Term Travel Grants to Central Asia, The Caucasus, & the Balkans


 National Research Competition Projects





Project Title

Country(ies) of Research

Victor Agadjanian

Arizona State University

Global Recession, Local Instability, and Migration from Kyrgyzstan


Robert Argenbright

University of Utah

Moscow under Construction: City-Building and Urban Citizenship



Olga Basharina

Independent Scholar

The Impact of Internet Technologies on Indigenous Languages and Cultures


Frances Bernstein

Drew University

Empire of Broken Men


William Bianco

Indiana University

The Behavioral Underpinnings of US-Russian Cooperation   In International Space Station Operations


Paulina Bren

Vassar College

Slušovice: Communism's Company Town

Czech Republic

Keith Brown

Brown University

Roads Not Taken

Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia

David Engerman

Brandeis University

The Global Politics of the Modern: India and the Three Worlds of the Cold War


Malgorzata Fidelis

University of Illinois at Chicago

The Sixties Behind the Iron Curtain: Youth Culture and Politics in Poland, 1954-1974


Robert Geraci

University of Virginia

Imperial Bazaar

Russia, Poland

Eleonory Gilburd

Independent Scholar

To See Paris and Die


Timothy E. Heleniak

American Geographical Society

Census Atlas of Russia 2010


Julie Hemment

University of Massachusetts

Volunteers, Entrepreneurs and Patriots: youth as new subjects of state policy in Russia


Laura Henry

Bowdoin College

National Interests and Transnational Governance


Azamat Junisbai


Pitzer College

Norms of Social Justice and Welfare State Attitudes in Post-Soviet Central Asia

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Laurie Manchester

Arizona State University

The Colonial World through Russian Eyes


Lawrence Markowitz

Rowan University

Rethinking Russia's Far Right: The Organizational Origins of Anti-Immigrant Movements


Laura Olson Osterman

University of Colorado

Islamic Revival and Folk Revivial among Rural Bulgarian Muslims in the Post-Communist Period


Peter C. Ordeshook

Peter C. Ordeshook

A Disassembled Orange Revolution: Moscow's Win or Democracy in the Making


Patrick Patterson

University of California, San Diego

Once Again the Defenders of Christendom?

Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia

Tsveta Petrova

Harvard University

From Recipients to Donors

Belarus, Poland, Slovokia, Ukraine

Justine Quijada

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious
and Ethnic Diversity

Buryat Shamic Revival and Indigenous Network Building


Ora John Reuter

Columbia University

Elite Mobility and Authoritarian Institutions in Post-Soviet Russia


Barbara Skinner

Indiana State University

Russian Orthodoxy Triumphant?

Belarus, Russia, Ukraine,

Regina Smyth

Indiana University

Subnational Electoral Competition and Regime Change in Russia, 1993-2014


Milada Vachudova

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Democratization in the Western Balkans

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia

Katherine Verdery

CUNY Graduate Center

Secrets and Truths: Knowledge Practices of the Secret Police in Communist Romania



Ed A. Hewett Projects






Project Title



Country(ies) of Research


Cathy Frierson

University of New Hampshire

1991 Law on Rehabilitation as Measure of Russia's Transitional Justice and Rule of Law




Short-Term Travel Grant Projects


Project Title

Country(ies) of Research

James Meyer

Wrap-up research for "Trans-Imperial People: Russia, the Ottoman Empire, and Muslim Community Activism"


Christina M. Morus

Invisible Agents of War: A Critical Consideration of Militarized Women in the Bosnian War

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia





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National Council for Eurasian and East European Research (NCEEER) is a non-profit organization created in 1978 to develop and sustain long-term, high-quality programs for post-doctoral research on the social, political, economic, environmental, and historical development of Eurasia and Central and Eastern Europe.   More

Latest NCEEER Working Papers








Doctors' and Parents' Perspectives on Communication Regarding HPV Vaccination in Bulgaria

Elitsa Dimitrova, Yulia Panayotova, Anna Alexandrova-Karamanova, and Irina Todorova

Contextual Constitution of Behavior: Introducing the HPV Vaccine in Eastern Europe

Irina Todorova and Adrian Baban

The Readers of Novyi Mir, 1948-1969: A Social Portrait

Denis Kozlov